Who is Jiga great for?

Jiga is great for startups, sub-contractors and SMBs that need an agile manufacturing solution. We also work with large corporations in various verticals and take care of their low volume, high mix needs.

Why work with Jiga?

Since we work with a highly professional network, you get higher part quality at better prices, more available materials and machines, and you will always be taken seriously – even if your order is small.

You get an unbiased professional feedback from industry experts, and you always get the right manufacturer and machines for your parts and requirements.

And lastly, you can get instant quotes from our quoting engine and order, without waiting for quotes and wasting time on making comparisons! Our software does it for you, so you can complete an order in less than a minute instead of waiting for days.

How are you different from other companies?

Jiga facilitates your relationship with suppliers. With Jiga, you can communicate and get professional feedback directly from suppliers and work with the same suppliers for the long term. That way, you can rely on Jiga and build your business for the long term.

Is it generally more expensive to work with Jiga?

Absolutely not. We are able to provide you with great prices since Jiga is able to constantly make comparisons within our network and to get better terms from our partners.

How do you keep my files safe and secure?

We work with a network of only highly trusted manufacturers – we have strict NDA agreements with each member in our network and we’re able to sign an NDA with customers who request to do so. Additionally, your files will be visible only to the specific manufacturers who are intended to work on your project.

How does Jiga protect me as a buyer?

Our escrow service will protect you from paying without getting your parts, while we constantly validate suppliers and share information about their past performance. If there is an issue, our support team will help.

Will someone check my order to make sure everything is ok before I pay?

Yes. Every order is checked by a human expert before moving to production. If there are questions, we’ll call. If we can’t provide something that was offered to you by our quoting engine, you will be notified ASAP and won’t be charged.

Can I re-order from specific manufacturers I was happy with?
Yes. You can mention that in the notes section with the order id of the previous order from the specific manufacturer you want to work with.
Can I get feedback on my order before I complete it?

Yes. You can contact the supplier directly and get professional feedback using Jiga’s chat function. You can also contact our sales team: [email protected]

What if there’s a mistake or if I need to make changes to my parts?

We know. Mistakes happen. That’s part of life!

If there’s a mistake, drop an email to [email protected] with the details. If you made a mistake, we’ll help you to come up with a solution. If the mistake is on our side, we’ll make up for it.

Some requests just can’t be quoted automatically and require a professional human, what do you do in such cases?

If Jiga’s software can’t generate an automated quote, you can still order parts through a manual quote which takes up to 24 hours to receive.

Any more questions?

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