Density of Ultem 9085 g/ml

1.27 g/ml

About Ultem 9085 Density

Ultem is a family of engineering thermoplastics that are used in a variety of industries. They are high-performance polymers with outstanding temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance properties. Ultem 9085 has the highest density at 1.4 g/cm3 and it can be molded into any shape to create products such as automotive components, electronic housings or medical instruments. Ultem 9085 is also resistant to hydrocarbon fluids which makes it an excellent choice for fluid containment parts like oil pans, cylinder heads or fuel tanks. One disadvantage of using this material is its cost; Ultem 9085 costs significantly more than other plastics on the market today but its performance benefits make up for that price difference.

Ultem 9085 Volume to Weight Calculator

Manufacturing processes for Ultem 9085

FDM (3D Printing)

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