Density of Ultem 1010 lb/in3

0.04703703703703699 lb/in3

About Ultem 1010 Density

Ultem 1010 is a thermoplastic polyetherimide resin that has been developed by GE Plastics. It is often used in mechanical engineering applications due to its high strength, excellent thermal stability, and low weight. Ultem 1010 also offers good chemical resistance with an exceptional balance of properties for various uses including machining, welding, and painting. The most commonly referenced density for Ultem 1010 is 1.59 g/cm³ but there are other densities available as well such as 1.65g/cm³ or 2g/cm³ depending on the application needs of the material being manufactured or produced with this resin (i).

Ultem 1010 Volume to Weight Calculator

Manufacturing processes for Ultem 1010

FDM (3D Printing)

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