Density of Pekk (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone) g/cm3

1.28 g/cm3

About Pekk (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone) Density

The Density of Pekk (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone) is around 1.14g/cm^3. This material is used in the automotive industry and consumer products as a replacement for steel, aluminum, or other metal parts because it has many benefits. It has good abrasion resistance, low stiffness and damping characteristics, high rigidity to weight ratio, and excellent heat resistance up to 500 degrees Celsius.

Pekk (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone) Volume to Weight Calculator

Manufacturing processes for Pekk (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone)

FDM (3D Printing)

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