Density of Nylon 12 Glass Filled g/ml

1.23 g/ml

About Nylon 12 Glass Filled Density

Nylon 12 glass filled is a type of nylon that has been mixed with small pieces of molten glass. It is commonly used in the production of heavy duty items such as car bumpers, snowmobile frames, or even golfing carts. Nylon 12 glass filled also has some interesting properties that make it an ideal candidate for these types of products. The density values for this type of nylon are .090 g/cm3 and .097 g/cm3 respectively when measured at room temperature and 100 °C respectively. When compared to other nylons on the market which have densities between .078-0.086 g/cm3, you can see why this material would be so popular in certain industries!

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