Density of Carbon Fiber g/ml

2 g/ml

About Carbon Fiber Density

The average density of carbon fiber is 1.9g/cm³, which is heavier than most plastics and metals but much lighter than aluminum or steel. The cost varies depending on how dense the material is (the more dense, the higher price) and what type you are getting (woven or unidirectional). There are many different types of carbon fibers: unidirectional, woven, continuous filament yarns, chopped strands matrices, etc. It can be used in the manufacture of cars, airplanes, or even golf clubs. Carbon fiber is also a very strong and lightweight material which makes it perfect for use as an aerospace composite because it provides strength without adding extra weight to the airplane.

Carbon Fiber Volume to Weight Calculator

Manufacturing processes for Carbon Fiber

FDM (3D Printing)FDM Markforged (3D Printing)

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