Density of AISI 4140 lb/in3

0.29074074074074047 lb/in3

About AISI 4140 Density

This is a type of carbon steel that has a high strength to weight ratio which makes it popular for structural applications such as bridges, buildings, cranes, and ships. The average density is .283 pounds per cubic inch or 7.8 grams per cubic centimeter. It's primary use in industry today is for general construction purposes but can also be used in power generation plants for cooling towers and condenser tubes It should not be confused with ASME grade B4 (0-1% carbon) which has an average density of up to .312 lb/in3 or 8.7 g/cm3 at room temperature

AISI 4140 Volume to Weight Calculator

Manufacturing processes for AISI 4140

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